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Views From In And Around Prescott Arizona

Prescott, located in central Arizona, was the original Territorial Capital founded in 1864.  At 5,000 feet above sea level, you find a mixture of desert and pines.

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Lynx Lake

A late winter snow at Lynk Lake near the site gold was discovered in Prescott

Bull Ride

Prescott Rodeo

Arizona Clouds

Clouds at Watson Lake

Sacred Datura

Also known as Western Jimson or Thornapple. Poisonous plant containing atropine.

Saddle Bronc Rider

Prescott Rodeo

Watson Lake

View of San Francisco Peaks (90 miles north) from Watson Lake in the Granite Dells


Single tree in the Granite Dells

Winter Wood

Winter wood pile near Groom Creek

Watson Lake

Canoe on Watson Lake

Weeds at Lynx Lake

An exceptional year for wild flowers and weeds

Ivy Lynx Creek

Yellow Flower

Kayaks on Watson Lake


Canoes at Lynx Lake


Canoes at Lynx Lake

Cherry Road at Dusk